Who We Serve

Protect your home and increase its value with roofing solutions customized for you.
Choose a team with experience, from multifamily complexes to large new construction projects and more
Provide your clients with the quality they want and get a process that works with your schedule.


An experienced Modern representative will come to your property and do a complimentary storm damage analysis. Not only will we provide you a full analysis of the damage, we will also educate you on the effects storm damage can have to a property.


The insurance claims process is difficult, but it’s easier when you have detailed information on your roof’s damage. You can simplify the storm damage restoration process by getting a detailed report by our claims specialists.


When it comes to repairing or replacing an existing roof entirely, you need someone skilled, responsible and dedicated to make sure your home gets the protection it deserves. We provide several cost effective options for repair prior to recommending a full replacement.


We understand how important it is to have reliable people working on your home. Our team has worked with over 4,000 homeowners, maintaining a reputation for 5-star service.


Our professionals have worked on a wide variety of commercial projects. From new construction to repairs across large portfolios, we have the size and experience to get the job done.


High-end finishes give homeowners
the aesthetic they want while solid
craftsmanship ensures that their home
is protected and built to last.