We Recycle

When hiring a roofer, there are many variables to consider. Increasingly, homeowners want to make their homes and surroundings as “green” as possible by using materials that have been produced with minimal impact on the environment, along with products that consume as little energy as possible to minimize energy demands and expenses. And until just a few years ago, there was no certification that a homeowner could use to gauge a roofer’s commitment to “green” practices.

Roofs to Roads, and More

That’s why Modern Roofers is proud to have been awarded the prestigious Certified Green Roofer™ designation from GAF, North America’s largest and most trusted roofing manufacturer. The Certified Green Roofer program was designed in conjunction with the U.S. Green Building Council to recognize roofing contractors that take steps to be environmentally responsible, and that embrace sustainable business practices.

Here are some of the important steps our team takes to ensure we’re one of the greenest Raleigh roofing contractors.

  • Advanced training. Our team members participate in Certified Green Roofer training to enhance our knowledge of sustainable building practices.
  • Shingle recycling. More than 11 million tons of asphalt shingles are discarded in U.S. landfills every year. When we replace an asphalt roof, we take the old shingles to a recycling center. Through a shingle recycling program called “Roofs to Roads,” the material is repurposed into asphalt used to pave highways.
  • Material sorting. We use special dump locations for materials that we remove from roofs. Before we drop off materials, we ensure they have been separated so there is no waste.
  • Metal recycling. We recycle all aluminum and other metals from job sites.
  • Natural lighting. We install skylights and sky tunnels that bring natural light into homes and reduce the need for electric lighting.

Join with us in this effort. If you need a new roof, call Modern Roofers and we’ll make sure your old roof gets a new life!