Mission Statement

Our Mission is to empower, educate and increase value in the lives of our communities.

Core Values

At Modern Roofers, we believe that a company should operate with transparency and integrity. Our core values define what we stand for and what’s important to us. They unite our workforce and set the stage for our culture. We live by these core values each and every day.

1. Service and Communication

Customer experience is everything to us. We don’t take our customers decision to use Modern Roofers for granted and we will continue to earn their business at every customer touchpoint. Our promise is to differentiate through superior customer service while providing clear communication at all times.

2. Quality
We will perform work by the highest quality standards and attention to detail, every time, as if it were our own home.
3. Accountability
There are many roles to fill at Modern Roofers and each of us needs to be held accountable for our own performance in order to meet the needs of our customers. Regardless of whether our responsibilities involve installing the roof, leading a crew, responding to an invoice concern, managing a project or directing the growth of our company, we are all expected to deliver results.
4. Integrity and Honesty
Without integrity and honesty, there can be no meaningful relationship between a customer and their roofing contractor. Holding ourselves to a higher standard, we aim to provide every customer with the highest levels of respect. Whether you’re interested in roof shingles, roof repair, or a full roof replacement, our team will listen to your concerns, help you identify your needs, and work with you to build a lasting, productive partnership.
5. Employee Appreciation
Our employees is what keeps us in business, and we reward them for a job well done. It translates to a happy, motivated work force that wants to work hard for our customers.
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